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We breathe life into your brand ...


At the core of our thinking lies the idea that every brand, every product has a dormant, untapped potential. We ponder it, extract it, shape then polish it until the full extent of its unicity is laid bare. We adapt our craftsmanship to mold your ideas into a living digital entity.


The process of giving life to the brand starts with laying the groundwork for the extraction to come. After a meticulous research revolving around the market as well as the competition, we are able to immerse ourselves into its world and uncover then appraise its hidden value.


If we hope to see the potential made reality, it is paramount to have a concise and intricate plan underlying the aspects of the extraction. This very plan is born out of the symbiosis between our artisanship and our client’s vision.


Once the value is uncovered and the plan formulated, we begin extracting the raw essence of the product. Through striking visuals and out worldly creations, we shape and mold that potential until its identity is revealed and made digital.


The polishing process is where we truly shine!By applying our artisanship on an array of media platforms, we charmthe consumer through understanding their needs, as well as their drives and enticing them to take notice.


Now that, that singular potential has gone through the entire process, as would a gem, it is appraised and its true value studied meticulously. Our in-depth analysis provides us with a deeper understanding of the every single aspect of the process it went through which in turn will allow us to perfect it.


What is the meaning of a craft if not to yield a unique and singular creation, to be appreciated with heart and soul? Our pride is your satisfaction and that is what inspires us to further excel in what we do. Our client’s success and elation are our primary drives.

All you have to do is dream, we handle the rest …


We are dedicated to our clients


If it cannot be appreciated, art becomes meaningless and obsolete. It is in that spirit that we seek to insure our client’s vision is made reality and its identity revealed and appreciated …


We are neither marketers nor designers we are the craftsmen that concretize your vision…

We, at MKD have attempted to transcend the traditional definition of a digital agency. Through meticulous planning, voluminous research and straightforward implementation we turn our client’s vision into concrete results, their dreams, into reality…
How is such a feat possible you ask?
All of this is made possible through the creation of dynamic websites, social media management, marketing campaigns, providing precise follow up reports and on-point consulting. 

Client as a partner

We believe the best brands tell stories, which is why we partner with our clients to create impactful work that not only represents their business, but also connects them with people emotionally. Through design, film, words, and photography, we bring brands to life.

We build impactful brands

We believe that truly impactful brands inspire their audiences to action, to dream, to change; they leave an impression on their audiences and wield genuine influence. Creating work like this is our passion, it’s what brought us together, and it’s what keeps us moving forward.

A print & digital creative studio.

With an agile methodology, exemplary work ethics and a personalized approach, we breathe life into your brand ...

  • Ecommerce

  • Retail and digital strategy content development

  • Website design

  • User interface

  • Campaigns mobile design video

  • Design web apps

  • Digital Strategy

  • Products advertising

  • Digital installations

  • User Experience Design

  • Social Campaigns

  • Video / Photography


Our projects

WebSite Pentabell

UI Design, Web Development

Branding Firnas Aero

Branding, Design, Print, UI Design

MEF Report


Website Enerjus

Branding, UI Design, Web Development

Atlas Safety Service

Art, Branding, Design


Art, Branding, Design