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Logo design .


First impressions are often the ones that count and when it comes to brands, the logo says it all. With this concept in mind, MKD emphasizes on the importance of Logos and the process of distilling a brands identity from its very core. Such a process however cannot be whimsical or instinctive.


It requires in depth research and proximity to the product at hand, which is why our main objective revolves around a deep understanding of both our client and their brand. It is only then that we may provide a number of conceptual logo designs for our client to choose from, to their heart’s content.


Captivating print design.




A business print design is a delicate process as it is paramount for it to communicate with both traditional media platforms as well as the Digital ones.

Our record of accomplishments and proven experience in both these areas is a decisive factor in our ability to breathe life into a product. From ready–to-print business cards to branded letterhead designs.

Successful businesses have unraveled and understood the importance of achieving and maintaining a high quality image when it is translated to the digital world. We ensure you achieve and maintain such a quality

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Business Card


Once the logo has been conceived and the branding tailored to your satisfaction, it is time to uncage the bird.

Your business card is the tangible media that connects you to your customers in a face-to-face environment and it must therefore, not only be the best possible iteration of your image but also inspire confidence and professionalism for as you well know, exchanging business cards is a common practice whether during meetings, conferences or while seeking to enlarge one’s network.

Such a practice is as common as shaking hands so why not make it a second-hand promotional tool as well.

Brochure design


MKD will work tirelessly to cover all aspects of your business literature: be it a brochure, catalogue, service manual or corporate newsletters. Consistency, Straightforwardness. reliability and aesthetics: We do everything in our power to imbue your literature with these qualities.

We offer state-of-the-art brochure design services as we advocate intelligent and attractive creations that capture the essence of your brand. We lay the groundwork for a carefully and thoughtfully designed brochure layout that offers a physical, mesmerizing and modern digital copy to convey the identity of your brand.

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